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Use our tool and make your own website yourself!!!!


DynamicWebApplication.com/.Net (DynaWeb) provides two products: DWT (Dynamic Website Tool) and DSW (Dynamic School Website).


DSW Services

Our product DSW requires the services of the following professionals

1.    Technician service

2.    Programmer service

3.    Graphic artist service

4.    Secretarial service

5.    Database Administrator service

6.    Web master service

Our customers can also save a lot by hiring us to provide the service.


Our services include the following

Technician service

1.    Domain registration and Host services

·         Domain registration

·         Host services

2.    Training and re-training.

·         Training and re-training

·         Providing Updated training manuals

·         Providing Updated video clips

3.    Help customers

·         Stand by in case of difficulty and

·         Follow-up and Recommendation.


Programmer service

4.    Customize DSW based on comments

·         Collecting comments about the websites

·         Testing the website.

·         Identify any bug, error, correction, etc

·         Customize the product

·         Upgrading

5.    New version of DSW

·         Providing new version of DSW every year

6.    Upgrade

·         Upgrade for the current technology platform of the host


Graphic artist service

7.    Redesign Interface

·         Preparing banners

·         Choosing appropriate background image

·         Redesign the interface (editor)

·         Redesign home pages


Secretarial service

8.    Data entry

·         Initial data entry to the database from Ms Excel

·         Initial data entry to the pages from Ms Word.


Database Administrator service

9.    Data Base

·         Backup database

·         Migrate data and clean up

·         Restore database


Web master service

10.Managing files and folders

·         Deleting, backup files

·         Uploading files and folders