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Use our tool and make your own website yourself!!!!


DynamicWebApplication.com/.Net (DynaWeb) provides two products: DWT (Dynamic Website Tool) and DSW (Dynamic School Website).


Message to all

A website can be one page or more and the page can be just a word document. When a website contains just a document then it is called static website.  A Web application is software that works on internet or intranet (local network). All websites are not web applications but a web application can be called a website.  The best analogy to explain the difference between a website (of course static) and web application is the difference between a word document and the Microsoft word which is used to create a word document.  Ms Word is software and the word document is not software. 

Static website is not dynamic because it doesn’t have database behind it. The data is stored on the page itself. A user cannot change the content of static website by himself because the data is not stored in a database and the user has no facility to change it with out the help of the developer/administrator.

What I am trying to do here is not like static website. I am trying to make it dynamic or user changeable. The common way to make a website dynamic is of course to put the data in a database. I am not doing that either. My reason for that is if I put the data in database I am taking away the right of the user to choose his style, his font, his font size, his color, his language, etc. Just I developed the skeleton and it is up to the user to stuff it. Stuffed website requires the developer, Administrator or somebody else other than the content developer to change it. In skeleton web applications the content developer is the publisher, the content developer is the Administrator.  Our skeleton application has a facility that you can use to stuff or change yourself without the help of anybody. Imagine you prepare word document in your own way (style, font, size, color, etc) and upload the word document like you upload/attach a file at yahoo mail and the next second you have a web site in your own way. Don’t you think that is a big deal? No more stuffed website!

The other thing which took much of my time is to make the web application simple and complex. Hold on, simple for the user and complex for the programmer. Users like to perform many things but still they need it to be simple. Behind the scene there are  more than 400 files but for the user it is just one page. Not only that, you can go to anywhere from anywhere. Everything is one click away, it is not like click this link to get this and then click this link to get this and then click this link to get this till you get confused where you are. No more deep rooted links!

Although it has new way of doing things it is familiar. You upload the way you upload a file at yahoo or Gmail, the difference is hidden from user that the uploaded document is manipulated here differently.

If I have to give one message then my message will be IT IS OKAY TO TRY NEW WAY OF DOING THINGS. You may compare with the website you know and seems odd but it is okay to try odd things.