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Use our tool and make your own website yourself!!!!


DynamicWebApplication.com/.Net (DynaWeb) provides two products: DWT (Dynamic Website Tool) and DSW (Dynamic School Website).


Documents and DVDs

DynamicWebApplication.com has the following Documents and DVDs

1.       Training manuals

2.       DVD

3.       DVD scripts

4.       Customer Agreement format

5.       Developer Agreement points

6.       Brochure

7.       Resumes

8.       Letters for schools

9.       Business plan

10.   Proposal document

11.   DSW-Expert Exam

12.   DSW-Support Exam

13.   Job description

14.   Vacancy post

15.   Online interview

16.   School list

17.   Report format

18.   Schedule format

19.   Employee agreement

20.   Promotion documents, audio and animations


We give resources for people who need them for reason. However the manual is uploaded for public downloads. Click Manual for Dynamic School Website 1.0 to download the training manual.